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PFA Professional Fishermen’s Association

  • Fishers working in the New South Wales Estuary General Fishery with mesh netting endorsements are licensed to harvest a range of fish species using mesh nets. The industry is constantly striving to improve its environmental performance and contributes millions of dollars each year to research and compliance programs.

  • NSW Commercial Mud Crab Industry is a sustainable and well managed fishery that is an important contributor to our coastal communities. 'The Sustainable Mud Crab Story' features Mud Crab fisherman Troy Billin and chef Fast Ed!”

  • WHAT IF YOU LOST EVERYTHING YOU LOVED BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE WANTED TO PROTECT IT? Our story is told within Drawing The Line and will enable you to see the true faces behind the fishing industry and the environmental values inherent our plight.

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Born out of a widespread concern about the future of the commercial Fishing industry in NSW and nationally, PFA represents and supports the interests of the fishers of NSW.

The Value of Coastal Fisheries in NSW

The NSW industry adds significant value to New South Wales and Australia. The industry helps support a strong local and national economy, contributes to education and skills transfer through knowledge handed down through generations. The NSW industry is historically and culturally important with many of our fishers descending from traditional fishing families going past 5 generations, adding value to our community. Our fishers are actively involved in keeping NSW marine environments clean and healthy for the future generations to enjoy and to continue to provide fresh local seafood to our community and other markets. Learn more about the value of coastal Fisheries in NSW here.

Value of coastal fisheries in NSW

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