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The PFA Committee of Management (CoM) provides strategic direction and overall guidance to the Executive Officer of the PFA. The Executive Officer is responsible for the management of the PFA and to ensure the activities of the PFA are in alignment with its Strategic Plan and representative of the needs and concerns of the PFA members.

PFA is based on regional structure – simular to the existing Estuary General Regional Boundaries (defined by The Fisheries Act)

Where there are up to 10 PFA members in the region than the area can be represented by 1 Director; and where a region has greater than 10 PFA members then they can be represented by a maximum of 2 Directors on the PFA CoM.


PFA Region Current PFA Directors Positions currently Available for Nomination
1 Gary Bordin
2 Troy Billin & Glenn Dawson
3 Geoff Blackburn & Heath Little
4a Greg Golby 1 Position available
4b Ross Fidden & Brett Bollinger
5 Diego Bagnato President & Gary Howard
6 NA 1 Position Available
7 NA 1 Position Avaliable


The PFA holds 3 General Meetings and 1 Annual General Meeting per year. The meetings are partially open to members and are held in each of the 4 major member regions to ensure members have access to the PFA CoM Directors.

Financial Reports – All members are entitled to a copy of our Financial Reports.  Please contact the PFA Office for a copy of the PFA Financial Reports, otherwise these reports are made available to members who attend our AGM.

The PFA staff include:

    Tricia Beatty, Chief Executive Officer

    Nicole Muñoz, Office Manager

The PFA office is located at

69 Marina Drive
T 02 6652 7374
F 02 6652 7435
M 04 2930 3371