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PFANSW Seafood Promotion

Buy local, buy fresh!

Buy from your local commercial fishermen’s cooperative or direct from commercial fishermen.  Commercial fishermen are licensed and trained to ensure healthy, sustainable seafood is provided to their local community.

Support your local commercial fishermen! 

Enjoy different ways to enjoy your locally provided seafood with the Sydney Fish Market’s Seafood Magic@home.

What’s so healthy about seafood?

Seafood is an important part of a healthy diet and becoming the food of choice for the health-conscious. Some great reasons to eat seafood are shown in the nutrition information table opposite. It’s brain food, and lots more!

In Australia we don’t eat enough seafood. The Australian Dietary Guidelines and Heart Foundation advise eating one or two fish based meals per week (a serve of fish is 80 to 120g cooked weight). However according to the last National Dietary Survey only 1 in 4 of us reported eating fish at least once a week.

“The evidence is now largely unequivocal that some fish each week is an advantage to health and longevity”.

This notion is now supported by a great deal of scientific and medical research. A good starting point to understand this information is the FRDC publication Whats_so_healthy_booklet

Love Australian Prawns

Throughout Australia our proud prawn fishermen and prawn farmers are working together to promote our beautiful Australian Prawns. Find out more about the “Love Australian Prawns” campaign.