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New National System
The National System for domestic commercial vessel safety aims to simplify commercial vessel safety requirements by replacing existing state and territory laws with a common National Law. The new system will be in force across Australia on 1 July 2013; Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will be the National Regulator of domestic commercial vessels and RMS its NSW delegate. As a delegate, RMS will continue to provide the functions and services that it used to provide for domestic commercial vessels and you will continue to deal with RMS for your commercial vessel licensing needs in NSW. For most customers, it will be business as usual.

Most certificates will be nationally recognised, meaning that customers will be able to move from state to state. Locally issued certificates remain valid until they are due for renewal, at which time the national system certificates will be issued. There will be some changes to vessel and crew certificates and their duration. Following are the major changes.

  • A national certificate of operation will replace the NSW hire and drive licence
  • A national certificate of operation will replace the NSW commercial vessel registration certificate.
  • Any national certificate may be issued for up to a five-year period
  • Frequency of fee payment, surveys and safety audits may vary in some cases –
  • There will be new crew certificate grades, changes to certifcate names and qualifying sea service requirements
  • Changed arrangements may apply for crewing of vessels
  • A new standard for safety equipment will be progressively introduced by 2016 (NSCV C7A)

If you need more information at this stage, please contact the commercial vessels section on (02) 95638400. You may also contact AMSA for your operations outside NSW through the national system website link below, or by telephoning their info line on 1300 517 246.

Further information on the National System

Other Regulatory Requirements for Commercial Vessels and Crew in NSW

The following list includes areas not covered under the National System, and NSW retains regulatory responsibility for.

  • Local Waterway Management- This includes management of ports, harbours and moorings, waterway access matters, bar crossings, local knowledge requirements, speed limits, drugs and alcohol, traffic management plans, designation of waters, regulation or prohibition of the operation of certain vessels or classes of vessels in specified areas, aquatic licences
  • Carriage of Dangerous goods
  • Emergency management and response
  • Pollution – This includes oil pollution, sewage and garbage management
  • Workplace health and safety

Approved Registered Training Organisations

To obtain a Certificate of Competency you must complete a training course provided by a Training Organisation approved by the National Regulator.

Training provided by the Registered Training Organisations listed below is approved by RMS on behalf of the National Regulator and will be recognised for issuing National Certificates of Competency.

Registered Training Organisation and Campus Location
TAFE NSW- Sydney- Ultimo
TAFE NSW- Brookvale
TAFE NSW- NCI- Ballina

Address and Contact Details
Level 7
827-839 George Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007
Tel: (02) 9217 5435
Fax: (02) 9217 5283

154 Pittwater Road
Brookvale, NSW 2100
Tel:02 9941 5312 or 131 674
Fax: 02 9941 5315

Tel: 6681 8900
Fax: 6686 2580


Level of Training  
Master Master Coxswain 1 NC
General Purpose Hand NC
Marine Engine Driver 3 NC
Marine Engine Driver 2 NC
Marine Engine Driver 1 NC

General Purpose Hand NC
Coxswain 1 NC

General Purpose Hand NC

TAFE NSW- NCI- Port Macquarie
TAFE NSW- Hunter Institute- Newcastle
TAFE NSW- Illawarra Institute
TAFE NSW- OTEN- Strathfield
All Hands On Deck
PO Box 528
Port Macquarie

Tel: 131601
Fax: 6586 2249

Tel: 4923 7860
Fax: 4923 7395

Moruya Campus
2857 Princes Highway
Moruya NSW 2537

Tel: 4474 1833
Shellharbour Campus
Tel: 4295 2134
Fax: 4205 2435
Nowra Campus
Tel: 4421 9888
Fax: 4421 9804

Open Training and Education Network
51 Wentworth road
Strathfield, NSW 2135
Tel: 02 9715 8502
Fax: 02 9715 8111


P.O. Box 1044
Newcastle 2300
Tel: 0434803687


Defence Maritime Services

Maritime and Safety Training

Maritime Training School

Sea School International Pty Ltd

Superyacht Crew Academy

Mr Danny Moore.
Training Manager
Level 6/210 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000.
Tel: (02) 8001 1602


P.O.Box 121
Woy Woy 2256

Maritime & Safety Training NSW

Ph 1300 302 123
Ph 02 4344 1366
Fax 02 4344 1377

Managing Director
Eric McCarthy
Mobile 0434 233 301


Maritime Training School
Suite 6, d’Albora Marinas
138 Cabarita Road
Phone: 1800 144 296

18 Therry St Avalon NSW 2107
Phone – 1300 666 416
Mobile – 0415 434 500

79-81 Beaconsfield Street
Newport, NSW 2106
Tel: 9979 9669
Fax: 9979 3463

General Purpose Hand NC
Coxswain 1 NC
Master <24 m NC
Master <35 m NC
Marine Engine Driver 3 NC
Marine Engine Driver 2 NC
Marine Engine Driver 1 NC

General Purpose Hand NC
Coxswain 1 NC
Master <24 m NC
Marine Engine Driver 3 NC
Marine Engine Driver 2 NC

General Purpose Hand NC

General Purpose Hand NC

General Purpose Hand NC
Master <24 m NC