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COVID-19 Updates

Do Commercial fishers need to wear masks? Check the latest with NSW PFA's COVID-19 updates.

Current COVID-19 restrictions

In both Regional NSW, Greater Sydney and LGA’s of concern, Service NSW confirmed that authorised workers (such as commercial fishers) can travel in the same car together.

For the list of LGAs of Concerns got to:

For a Covid Safety Plan template for your business go to: 

NOTE: advice is changing regularly so go to for the latest information.

 Visit the COVID Safe businesses webpage for more information, or the DPI COVID website for more information.  

To find out more information contact 

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Don't Forget to Wear Your Face Masks

Commercial fishers need to wear masks, however they can remove the masks when doing physical activity or for safety reasons. Therefore when they are at sea working, and for safety reasons (such as clear communication over the noise of an engine) they wouldn’t need to wear a mask. There is no specific reference to commercial fishers in the Public Health Order (PHO) re masks.

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