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The PFA in conjunction with Oceanwatch Australia has developed a fishery identification improvement program that strongly links with Australian Marine Park values.

It stems from previous assessments completed on 15 NSW offshore fisheries in 2020 by a third party, benchmarking the fisheries against world's best practice. This project was funded by the Australian Government, Department of Environment and Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water through a grant under the Australian Marine Parks.

The program aims to improve the accurary of reporting your catch, maintaining good data to ensure that good management decisions are made/and/or remain in place.

The reporting of some species has been indentified as needing improvement (including to address Threatened, Endangered, and Protected species interactions, identification, handling and reporting improvements).

It is important to record all catch correctly. Improved reporting and data collections ensures accurate information is used to support fisheries management and planning, enabling more robust stock assessments to be completed. 

We have developed a package that includes a short video explaining the importance of improved data, and how to use the ID guide. 

Please see fact sheet and fisheries identification improvement video. 

Fisheries Identification Improvement video

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