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PFA members are represented by a team who are happy to talk to you about any industry concerns or issues you may have – or even just a chat. The main focus of the Association is to provide a voice for professional fishers to the Government (Federal, State, Local) and key stakeholder groups including NSW Fisheries, National Parks, Industry Affiliates, media and community groups to name a few.

Membership to the PFA is available to any wild harvest commercial fisher in NSW.
We also offer corporate membership.

So, if you aren’t a member or would like to join, please get in contact with us. We’re here to help you!

  • transparent policy formulation in collaboration with fishers;

  • weekly email updates to members regarding PFA activities and relevant issues

  • updates to members from stakeholders;

  • distribute information on matters of interest to fishers and matters of potential impact to fishers;

  • information on opportunities and developments;

  • updates fishers on the latest research and development findings and encourage the adoption of these;

  • a forum for negotiating on contentious issues;

  • forums and support through initiatives such as the ‘Men’s Shed’ to address psychological, emotional, financial and social issues;

  • assistance to access government exceptional circumstances programs;

  • media representation for the local fishing industry;

  • media advice and assistance with fisher initiatives; and

  • representing the industry at all levels of Government including Federal, State and Local.

  • We also offer a range of great merchandise for free to our members and discounts on products!


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