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Our Governance


The PFA is governed by our Board known as the Committee of Management (CoM). The CoM provides strategic direction and overall guidance to the Chief Executive Officer of the PFA. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management of the PFA and to ensure the activities of the PFA are in alignment with its Strategic Plan and representative of the needs and concerns of the PFA members.

The CoM meets four times a year and has representations based on a regional structure – similar to the existing Estuary General Regional Boundaries (as defined by The Fisheries Act). PFA members are invited to attend as observers of the CoM meetings which occur throughout the regions during the year.

Brett Bollinger

Brett Bollinger skippers his trawler Maxie B in the Newcastle area. As a generational fisher, he harvests his catch from the waters at Barrenjoey Headland in the NSW ocean trawl fishery to supply fresh NSW seafood.

Brett and his family have a proud history of supporting fisheries research programs that aim to improve best practice in fishing.

Brett is an Oceanwatch Master fisherman to help find fresh, local seafood that has been caught using sustainable best practice techniques.

Brett represents the PFA Board on behalf of area 4B


Gary Bordin

Gary Bordin is based in Ballina and is a PFA Board Member representing Region 1 in the Upper North Coast of NSW. He is a dedicated Spanner Crab fisherman who is passionate about the industry and its safety.

Gary Howard

Gary Howard is the Chair of the PFA. He represents fishers in the Central region 5.

Gary is a second generation professional prawn fisherman endorsed to fish in the Hawkesbury River. He relies on local knowledge and skills learnt over many years.

For almost 30 years Gary has operated a small family owned business supplying premium quality wild Hawkesbury River school prawns, caught, cooked and chilled on his prawn trawler the ‘Kristy Ann’. The Hawkesbury River school prawn is renowned for their size and sweet taste. He also supplies green ‘raw’ prawns to help meet the demand for locally sourced recreational fishing bait.

Gary has dedicated his time to help improve the sustainability of the fishery. This includes proud involvement in fisheries related research programs, includes the trialling of novel prawn trawl designs and bycatch reduction devices. He has also presented at numerous community events to help promote and improve awareness of the local prawn trawl fishery, and continual efforts from the industry for improvement. Gary is a proud Oceanwatch Australia Master Fisher – for more information on Oceanwatch and the Master Fisher program, visit Home | Oceanwatch Australia His work has featured on numerous television programs, magazines and online videos and stories.

Geoff Blackburn

Geoff has been a commercial fisher in NSW for 28 years in the Estuary General, Ocean Beach Haul and Ocean Trap and Line fisheries. He has fished much of the NSW coast.
He is a director of Oceanwatch Australia, the NSW Catcher’s Trust, Coffs Harbour Fisherman’s Co-op and NSW Commfish.

He is a graduate of the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2004 and is a strong advocate for building a better future for Australian seafood by strengthening partnerships with government, resource managers, business and local communities

Greg Eden

Greg Eden started fishing when he was only four years old. His dad and Pop would take him to catch bream, flathead and whiting. Greg loved fishing so much he brought his first boat when he was only 12 years old and starting working on commercial fishing prawn trawl boat at the age of 20.

When Greg started a family, he decided to take a break from fishing and only returned in 2009. Greg likes to chase Kingfish, Bonito, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi and sometimes Snapper and holds a line fishing license. He’s diversifying in 2021 and has started to fish for garfish.

Greg plans on fishing for the remainder of his working career. When he retires, he plans to play golf and fish.


Kris Barber

Kris Barber is from Forster, New South Wales and is a PFA Board member representing Region 4a in the Mid-Coast of NSW. 

Ross Fidden

Ross Fidden is a fifth generation generation professional fisherman endorsed in the NSW Estuary General Fishery.

Ross has a love for the pristine waters of the Port Stephens region, mainly working in the Myall River and Lakes.

As well as representing the PFA Board for Region 4, Ross is a proud Oceanwatch Master Fisherman.


Troy Billin

Troy Billin is a fisherman from Yamba and has been fishing professionally for over 24 years on the north coast of NSW. Troy specialises in the ocean trap and line fishery and the Estuary General fishery (mostly in Region 2).


He is very passionate about the seafood and fishing industry, and would like to see a good future for the industry for future generations to enjoy.

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