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Buy NSW Seafood

If you are not sure where to buy fresh local NSW seafood, you are in luck because it is all around you!

You can find NSW fish at your local fish co-op. fish shop, ​at local markets, and at food festivals.

Seafood is easy to prepare. Find out what to look for when buying fish and how to cook it. 

In recent times, many of us have gone through stay at home orders. To make the most of our extra time indoors, some of us have studied a new language whilst others have picked up a musical instrument. There are those who have rekindled their love for all things ‘art and craft’ but undeniably, the most popular Australian pastime during lockdown has been home cooking and this trend is set to continue.

For avid home chefs, the PFA, Andrew Ettingshausen’s popular Channel 10 TV program, Seafood Escape, Sydney Fish Market, FRDC and DPI Fisheries have teamed up to share 14 fantastic NSW Seafood recipes. These recipes have been developed by some of Australia’s best chef’s and they are easy to prepare and cook at home. See below!

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