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Bycatch Reduction Devices


The PFA and our members are currently working with the NSW Marine Estate Management Authority (MEMA) and NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries (DPI Fisheries) on a 12-month bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) research project.

The project aims to improve trawl gear designs using BRDs with local fishers on the Hawkesbury and Hunter Rivers to improve on their existing practices and further minimise their environmental impacts while maximising commercially viable catches.

Progress of the BRD research project will be posted as it comes to hand.

For more information on the BRD research project, please contact Kristin Hoel at or call the office at (02) 6652 7374.

Bycatch is unintentional capture of marine species when fishing for specific, commercially viable species. This may include capturing the wrong species, the wrong sex, undersized animals, or juveniles of the target species.

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