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Mud Crab Anti-Theft Devices

Through discussions with many PFA members, mud crab theft was highlighted as a major issue facing our industry. Since mud crabs are so highly prized and worth a lot in seafood markets, there is a thriving black market for mud crabs. Crab pot tampering and theft has long been an issue in the estuary general fishery, causing major frustrations within the industry. PFA raised this industry priority with the FRDC to work towards a technological solution/invention.


As a result, the PFA has a new project working with Blue-X to trial anti-theft devices on mud crab pots. The project is supported by funding from the FRDC on behalf of the Australian Government.


Over the coming months, we will be working with a team of commercial mud crab fishers from around NSW to test out the anti-theft device. The device sends notifications to your smart phone when the pot has been lifted out of the water. PFA will also be working with compliance and prosecutions regarding a range of “response” options as part of the trials. Ultimately, the project will assess how effective the device is in preventing mud crab theft, and whether it is something that could commercially benefit the industry in the future.

Check back for more updates!

For more information, please contact our PFA Project Officer on

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