Our Team

Tricia Beatty

Tricia Beatty has been the PFA’s CEO for 9 years. Prior to this she has been involved in fisheries management, research and policy for more than 25 years.

During this time Tricia has worked and advised the industry in NSW, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. She has studied fisheries management internationally in numerous locations including Africa and New Zealand and trade missions to Asia.


As the Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Fisheries Association (PFA), Tricia represents the interests of more than 200 commercial fishers who are based throughout NSW.

Tricia holds a number of Board positions in the industry including:

  • Vice Chair of the NSW Seafood Industry Council
  • Director on the Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries
  • Member of the Australian Maritime Safety Agency’s Regional Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Commonwealth’s Temperate East Marine Park
  • Member of the The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) NSW
  • Research Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Solitary Island’s Marine Park Advisory Committee
  • Member of the NSW Natural Disaster Advisory Council
  • Member of the NSW Food Authority’s Seafood Industry Forum

In her spare time, Tricia likes to spend time working on her kiwi farm, riding horses and scuba diving.


Alex Fraser

Alex Fraser is consulting to the PFA for Communications and Events with the hope to bring the Taste of Seafood Festivals back to NSW as soon as possible following the recent Covid outbreaks.

Alex is well travelled and has consulted for Government and industry peak bodies worldwide. Her roles have included Senior Advisor for Government Cabinet Ministers, Government Departments specialising in the fields of Planning and Energy. She is also the former CEO of the Australian Energy Retailers Association.

Originally hailing from Coffs Harbour, Alex has returned to the area with her young family. She has grown up with a love of fishing and of course can’t go past the freshest catch from the co-op – and makes a mean Goan fish curry!

Kylie Grenfell

Kylie Grenfell is the PFA Office Manager and has been with the PFA for a year.

Kylie manages our membership base, accounts and all requirements.

She loves going for walks at the beach and spending time with friends and her young family.

Rick Tate


Rick Tate is our Project Officer supporting us in representing our members and working in the best interests of our industry.

Rick holds a Masters in Marine Science and has been working at the National Marine Science Centre researching the loss of nutritional quality in molluscs when exposed to predicted future temperatures and PH. He also began research on shark bite management at the onset of the NSW Shark Management Strategy, working through SCU and alongside the DPI.


Rick’s most valued component of his research career is having worked aboard commercial vessels with marine fishers in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.
Rick has been on Coffs Harbour for eight years and loves to surf, spending time in the bush, camping with friends and renovating his caravan in his spare time.